An apex is the highest point of something. I will be an apex of digital illustration so as a dedication to the practice I drew sharks for the month of December 2018.
04: TENSHARK: homage to a veteran in the apex community
05: BLUE STAR SHARK: inspired by Picasso's 'Blue Period'
06: THURSDAY: a jump over the hump of sadness in the great ocean of time
07: ONE SHARK, TWO SHARK: inspired by the late Dr. Suess and the concept of harmony in difference
08: CONFUSION: don't get consumed by this beast
10: GIGASHARK: a disruption of planetary energy
11: SHARK OF THE VOID: a shark with a bottomless void as its insides
12: HAMMERFACE: trust me this shark is the ugliest of the ones shown
13: FRNZY: a deep affliction in the shark community
14: RIP SHARK: this is what happens when you push yourself to the limit and lose
15: EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL SHARK: a shark that can swim between dimensions for elements of surprise and evasion alike
17: RED: every last drop drained from his presence and essence
16: ICEBREAKER: a shark that can swim through ice like a bird flies
18: BULLSHARK: this is what a shark looks like when it goes out of its way for some bull shit
20: HAMMERFACE JR: a shark that is somehow slightly more ugly then its father shark
20: THANATOS: a god of death
21: HYPNOS: a god of deep slumber