As an artist, asa human I consume from devices of my choice but sometimes I lack vision to see what choices I really have. I have created art that serves a platform [ websites/social media platforms ] but until this work I've never though how I can play with the visual format of some of these platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and even iOS app stores inside of iOS to further my surreal vision of our digital lives. This series effectively attempts to break the fourth wall of common digital experience in 2018.
TWITTER: nightmode
The first set was an attempt to deconstruct Twitter's night mode. Our model Vic is kicked back through the mobile version in our headlining image [ to the right ] and the desktop version [ above ]. Accompanied by Pokemon complimentary to the deep, dark blue sampled from Twitter's background.
INSTAGRAM: timeline
The second set was an attempt to deconstruct and manipulate an Instagram's timeline. As stated in the introduction, as an artist I am in certain ways working with the platforms I share on. Instagram first started only allowing square images and people do some strange things to post images for the proportions they see fit. I had to break through perception of the frame and the caption to make support for the model on this strict creative platform specifically. This series derived from an experimental edge for local CT fashion brand, DEAD BY 5 AM˚ and things I wanted on their instagram page. Modeled by Sydney Bell and accompanied by poison type Pokemon [ Koffing + Weezing ] for added experimental edge.
iOS 13 [ imagined ]: Photos, App Store + Apple Music
The third set plays off the clean studio work in the photography to emulate what I interpret the iOS's main objective. I find their platform for Apple Music, the app store and photos app all informative, harmonious and clean. While our model Ashley had broken through the platform in this set I still placed flying or swimming Pokemon in a harmonious arrangement that lets the eye of a viewer float around curiously to enjoy information placed throughout the frame.