a photo series by Emma Chadwick
model: Izzy Uliasz

I was really inspired by the idea of “obsolescence.” I don’t know why, but I felt some sort of connection with the idea of being obsolete, like falling behind in a world moving so fast. That’s what I wanted to capture in my gif set, this exploration of the melancholy some must feel in the face of all this change in the world. I wanted to play up upon old-school glitches and visuals similar to older vehicles of media. I took a lot of pictures of my friend Izzy and tried to do overlays and mess with opacity to make it seem like the struggles were both within her and around her, both metaphorically and visually.

I don’t know if my images properly convey what I was trying to do, but I think if you try to see them as I do, then the overall theme becomes clear. All parts of this project build to create a larger whole, and I feel like if even one of the gifs were missing you wouldn’t have the sense of loneliness like I want the audience to feel. I want the sadness to hit you over the head, because that’s what becoming obsolete is like. I don’t think others realize that people too can become obsolete, and my fascination with that I believe was my overall drive for this project.
-Emma Chadwick

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