Governor's Ball is an annual music festival hosted on exclusively Randall's Island Park in NYC for 3 days and Playboi Carti is a contemporary audio artist from Atlanta who turned the small lot of land in front the Honda Stage into a moshing crowd of fans with grace and finesse. These shots are not of the mosh pit but of the artist and his many moments between songs that get the crowd filled with animosity and ecstasy. 
FUN FACT FROM DOPEY: Playboi Carti is pretty big but not as big as his leaked discography. This photo and the edit are very heavily and directly influenced by his leak for the song "Whole Lotta Neon", which explains the many neon green circles placed on stage with the artist. In the song he makes commentary on the trend of neon clothing and so I had to put a "whole lotta neon" into this set.

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