Dope Documentary 02: An Event // Prodigal's Opening: 
Austin MacDonald
As a product of Austin MacDonald's I.D.E.A. Grant, awarded to him by the University of Connecticut, he made a graphic novel with no more text than the title and author called Prodigal. A contemporary approach at comic art and a friend so I had to document this occasion.
At his debut in Spring of 2018, he allowed friends, fans and all curious minds alike to view his work and process for the tale of a bunny in a dystopian future. He hand cut each swatch from paper with excruciating details originally illustrated panel by panel in a thumbnail format.
A hundred print copies laid on the gallery waiting for the first visitors to keep, giving back art to the community in a physical form.
Music was a gentle ambiance provided by a close friend of Austin's, a Mild Monk.

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